Monday, December 12, 2005

Beyonce Says She Has No Wedding Plans

Via Yahoo Entertainment

Beyonce could be found in a Los Angeles-area department store over the weekend. But she sure wasn't there to pick out items for her wedding registry.

"I have no wedding plans," she told AP Television News, smiling, then breaking out into her trademark huge laugh. "No, I'm not rushing."

Then just where have all those reports been coming from — predicting a summer ceremony for Beyonce and superstar hip-hop artist and producer Jay-Z?

"They've been saying it about every celebrity forever," she replied, shaking her head. "It's not personal. They just do it to everyone.

In February, we'll see Beyonce back on the big screen in a remake of comedy classic "The Pink Panther," co-starring Steve Martin and Kevin Kline. Later in 2006, Beyonce will star in "Dreamgirls," a screen adaptation of the Broadway-musical smash.

She'll play "Deena," the Diana Ross-like character in a musical inspired by the triumphs and tragedies of The Supremes. In the film, Deena will age from 16 to 30. "I get to really show a range and really get to act for the first time," Beyonce said.

In the meantime, she's going home for the holidays. "My mother is cooking," Beyonce noted with a smile. "So, I'm trying to watch my weight because I know when I get home I'm gonna probably gain five pounds, because I'm gonna eat that food five days in a row. I always eat it for a week after she cooks it. I can't wait."


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