Friday, March 24, 2006

Kevin Covais: Don't Love Me for My Fame

Via People

Booted American Idol teen Kevin Covais may be no Orlando Bloom – in fact, the bespectacled high-school student earned the nickname "Chicken Little" on the TV show – but that's not to say that the Long Island, NY native has problems attracting members of the opposite sex.

"I can honestly tell you that before (Idol) I was pretty confident with girls," Covais, 16, tells "The only difference was I didn't have celebrity status. I'm more confident now, of course. I'm sure certain girls will just want a celebrity who's been on TV, but I'll watch out for those girls."

He's just so dang cute!  I've no doubt he'll gain contracts and fame through other avenues.  American Idol just wasn't his thang!

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