Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bu-Bye Bucky

The three of us were so upset by the announcement that Bucky was being cut from American Idol.  Sure, we figured he would be in the bottom three, he'd been there before - so the odds were against him.  But we were certain Ace would be the one to go home!

What a shame!  We will miss Bucky a great deal, but there's still Chris and Kellie!

Here's what People had to say:

Bucky Covington, who was voted off American Idol on Wednesday, says that despite being eliminated, he's happy about his final performance – of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls."

"I'd rather leave on a high note than a low note," he told reporters Thursday. "I feel good about the note I left on. A lot of people thought it was a pretty solid performance."

Not everyone: Idol judge Simon Cowell called Covington's rendition "mediocre." And the voting public seemed to agree.

As for what Covington, 28, will miss about the show: "Elliott Yamin. He was my best buddy through this whole thing."

Yamin, 27, of Richmond, Va., was also in the bottom three with Covington and Ace Young, 25, of Denver.

What Covington won't miss is the stress factor on Idol. "It happens all very fast," he said. "A lot of hours are involved, (and) it's amazing how some people can love you to death one week and then hate your guts."

So, what's next for the Rockingham, N.C., singer? "I think I'm going home on Tuesday. I plan on taking it easy a little bit, then the tour. Then I might go to Nashville to try to find some work."

There are seven Idol contestants left. The winner will be announced May 24.

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