Tuesday, May 09, 2006

American Idol Final Four: Can Taylor Hicks be Beaten?

We're going to side with The National Ledger Idol Fan this week in their prediction that Taylor Hicks and Chris will shine brightly as the remaining four idols pay tribute to Elvis. They'll be most in their "natural element" while Elliott and Katharine are most likely to struggle.

Taylor and Chris both seem to have a huge fan base already in place who have their fingers ready to dial in while Elliott and Katharine have both shown a bit more vulnerability.

Our prediction is going to stand - Chris - Taylor and Katharine survive Elvis week and poor Elliott will be going home!

As much as we adore Elliott and would rather see Katharine booted first, we just don't think it'll happen that way. But then again, Paris leaving last week was a bit of a surprise to us!

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