Monday, May 22, 2006

Brandon Davis says "sorry" to Lindsay Lohan

Brandon Davis, the ex-boyfriend of actress Mischa Barton, has reportedly said "sorry" to teen queen Lindsay Lohan, after launching a full-mouthed attack on the young actress' personal life.

Davis, along with hotel heiress Paris Hilton, was recently shot making some scornful and derogatory comments on the Mean Girls star, criticizing her personal hygiene, lifestyle and former boyfriends.

The heir to a billion dollar oil fortune also slammed the star for not having as much money as his family during his rant.  More >>>

Yeah, Brandon sounds real grown up!  He should have tossed in a "my dad is bigger than your dad" and a couple of cat turds from the sandbox.

If I were Lohan I'd ignore the apologies - Brandon isn't worth the time of day!  He's got no biz calling Lindsay a "firecrotch" when he's been seen with Paris "herp-girl" Hilton himself. 

He must be in denial when it comes to his own "firey" feelings, ya think?

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