Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Only Woman

If being the only woman left in the Idol contest is any kind of advantage, then Katharine is in great shape. The unsurprising elimination of Paris -- who was Tuesday's most consistent performer but still couldn't catch a break with voters who had clearly already made their minds up to vote for anybody else -- leaves Katharine representing her sex solo. Via Idol Chatter

Do you think being the only woman left in the American Idol contest is going to be the crutch that Katharine McPhee will need to ride through to the final two?

Idol chatter is predicting it will come down to Chris and Taylor.  However, we think it's going to be a Chris versus Katharine faceoff.

It should be interesting to see how these idols will pull off Elvis week!  We also predict that Taylor will come through with flying colors and that Chris will add his own twist just as he did with Johnny Cash a few weeks ago.

Anyone care to offer up a friendly wager?

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