Monday, June 19, 2006

Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer

Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer

According to an ever growing number of teen and pre-teen girls, boyfriend stealing is something they can all "totally" relate to. Some may be the perps, while others are the victims, but they all admit it's happening fast and furious in the high schools across the country (and the continent). The trend is even growing among middle school girls.

Robynn Clairday, author of the popular blog-styled novel, CONFESSIONS OF A BOYFRIEND STEALER (LINK), has found such a passionate following that she has been contracted to write a sequel about the infamous but beloved boyfriend stealer extraordinaire, Genesis Bell.

Random House released her first novel in the fall of 2005. Since the release, Ms. Clairday has received thousands of emails and letters from her readers. They not only enjoy the relatable blog-style of the book, but feel they can connect very closely to the catty girls who duke it out at Jamaica Plains High. The boys are only the excuse for the girls to fight for top-dog standing. The girls love Genesis Bell, but they also can't get enough of super-bad, CJ Thompson, Genesis's arch-rival.

Young readers connect with this story in a powerful way, as seen in the latest review:

omg this is the best book ive ever read. I showed it to my friends and we think of it as a bible now. I mean a girl that her best friends "boyfriends" like. i mean that is just outragously funny! And then add comments in the middle of it. Robynn HAS to make a sequel. I think if she does make a sequel it should be about CJ's blog.^^

CONFESSIONS OF A BOYFRIEND STEALER (LINK) has been featured and reviewed in TEEN MAGAZINE, BOOKLIST, LIBRARY REVIEW JOURNAL, and is highlighted in thousands of teen blogs.

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