Monday, July 03, 2006

Every family has one

Every family is said to have one freak that just seems to get under everyone's skin.  That apparently goes for celebrities too!

Ashton Kutcher's twin brother Michael has been caught up in a suicide mystery after his ex-wife called medics to report her former husband's plans to take his own life.

Melissa Kutcher reportedly called emergency services in Iowa after her ex failed in his bid to win her back while her new boyfriend was serving jail time.

But Michael Kutcher's publicist, Lelsie Sloane Zelnick, who also represents his famous brother, insists reports of the suicide attempt are overblown.

She says, "It's true that the police were sent to Michael's home after a call saying he had tried to commit suicide, but it was a false call made by his ex-wife.

"He was taken to the hospital and was evaluated by a therapist because, under Iowa law, that's what they have to do. But he passed the tests."

It isn't the first time troubles back home have embarrassed Ashton -- his former sister-in-law lashed out at the actor's then wife-to-be Demi Moore in a tabloid expose in 2005, insisting she was trying to drive a wedge between the movie star and his family.

Isn't it a relief to know that stardom doesn't make them exempt from all the craziness life has to dish out?

Sorry Demi and Ashton, but it does make you seem more human.

Perhaps Melissa will get a new hobby very soon!  Sounds to me like she might just be a tad jealous - ya think?

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