Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pickler Sold-Out by Daddy

American Idol contestants are used to getting sold-out crowds, but not to getting sold-out by family members.

That is exactly what happened when season five contestant, Kellie Pickler, returned home from her summer American Idol tour. The perky Pickler discovered that while she was gone, her father Clyde - who was fresh out of jail in May after serving three years for assaulting a cop - had used eBay to auction off her childhood mementos.

"It was personal effects that he had from her childhood, like shoes," an Idol insider says. "When Kellie found out, she was crushed. Everything was gone."


What a terrible thing!  Kellie should just break all ties with her dear daddy and be done.  It takes far more than a sperm donor to make a dad and Clyde Pickler is just using his daughter - he's no dad!

Any true caring parent would hold on to those childhood mementos - not sell them.

I can't help but feel so bad for Kellie!  Thank goodness she has her grandpa.


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