Friday, January 05, 2007

Fox Cancels The O.C.

Fox's once high-flying The O.C. has been canceled after being trampled in its Thursday-night time slot by two of the top-rated shows on television. The number of viewers tuning into the Fox teenage drama dropped from 5.7 million viewers last season to just 4.1 million this year, where it has competed against ABC's Grey's Anatomy and CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In an interview with TV Guide Online, creator/executive producer Josh Schwartz commented that having to vie against those shows represented "an impossible task" but maintained that the scripts this year were the strongest yet. He indicated that the series finale has long been in the works. "It's going to be a really satisfying ending for people who have been with the show for four years," he said.

Did anyone really find this much of a surprise once Mischa Barton left?

I think it was Mischa that was carrying the show all along.

Either way, I'll miss the show :(


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