Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AnnaSophia Robb Lands another Role & Trivia

AnnaSophia Robb, from Bridge to Terabithia, will now be popping up in a movie called, "The White Giraffe," which is a movie based off a children's book. The story is about a young girl that becomes orphaned and must go live with her grandmother in Africa. Only problem is she feels lonely, she doesn't feel like her grandma wants her and can't seem to make any friends. That's when she hears stories about the white giraffe and learns she has the powers to heal after she spots the legendary creature. She sure has been a busy girl this year, below is a list of movies she's played in for the year.

The Reaping
Bridge to Terabithia (now on DVD)

Will be later this year:
Doubting Thomas
Ferris wheel
Have Dreams, Will Travel

Let's have a little fun now. Can ya tell me the first time AnnaSophia appeared on t.v.? This was before she started appearing in movies. I'll give ya a clue a day until friday.

2 are talkin': said...

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Sydney said...

The answer to your question about Annasophia's television appearence is that she guest-starred on an episode of Drake and Josh. The episode was entitled 'Number One Fan'. Keep the trivia coming, but make it harder! :-)