Friday, June 29, 2007

Teen Beats Record

Photo Source: ABC News

Alexis Thompson, a 12-year old girl, has qualified in the US Women's Opening at Wimbledon. She is currently the youngest female to get into the Wimbledon, which means she's got a lot of talent.

When reporters asked her how she felt about being the youngest that has qualified, "I'm just excited that I made it. This whole week is going to be really cool."

This little golfer has grown up in Coral Springs, FL and admits all she wanted to do was play her best this past Thursday. If she won, it would be great, if not it was something she'd enjoy doing. Not to mention she got to play with her idols, what person wouldn't want to do that?

To read the actual article, click this link: Pre-teen prodigy makes US Women's Open history

For those of you wondering, she'll be playing over the weekend in NC. Good luck to ya Lexi!! We are all rooting for ya.

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