Monday, August 06, 2007

Are you Ready for School?

Wow, I remember the days right before school started. We would try to do everything we hadn't done that summer in those last few days. Hey, we knew once school started we couldn't really have the type of fun we'd been having all year.

So, what things will you try to do before school starts? I remember picnics, BBQs, parties, shopping, movies, etc.

My sister and I would try on every outfit two nights before school started just to make sure that they still fit. One thing I hated about shopping for school clothes at the end of the school year, while they may have been cheap for our parents, sometimes we grew. Of course the night before school we'd stay up all night talking about the next day and who we hoped we'd get for a teacher. It didn't help that we shared a room together, even when our parents would tell us lights out we'd still whisper to each other all night long.

What are some things you've done in the past?

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alexgirl said...

Definitely spending all day in the park. Once school starts, you're stuck indoors all the time! And choosing the First Day of School outfit. That decision could take DAYS to make. lol.
Great post!! Hope you'll come visit my blog, too! I'm a YA writer, and my first novel, BACK TALK is just out. woo hoo!!