Sunday, October 07, 2007

Teens and Halloween

Just because you are a teen doesn't mean you can't have some fun on Halloween. This week we'll be discussing all things Halloween and teens. First up....trick-or treating.

Will you be going trick-or-treating this year? Yes or no. If you are going out by yourself, think of a friend to tag along with. Okay, no not tag-a-long but to have fun with. It is always best to have two or more people out with you when you are walking around knocking on doors, or in a town alone at night.

If you are going out, see if you can borrow one of your parents' cell phones. This way you can check in from time to time and call if you run into trouble. Even if you don't like this idea, it'll make mom and dad feel at ease. Another thing that would make your parents feel better is those Glowsticksor pieces. Don't think of them as babyish, they could really go great with a vampire costume or a monster. Imagine making a heart glow or your eyes look meaner.

Keep in mind some houses don't like teens going by trick-or-treating, if you've run into a place like this you might want to consider hanging out at the "Haunted House," most towns have. Either way, stay out of trouble and be safe.

Tomorrow we'll be talking about places to Volunteer for some Halloween fun.

Do you have any tips for safety on Halloween?

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