Thursday, May 15, 2008

Degrees that Will Help You in Life

So, you are about to graduate high school and have no clue what to do with the rest of your life? Not to worry you aren't alone. Actually many teens wait an entire year before they really decide. Take this time to take a few college credits or a part time job.

But if you are wanting to know which college degrees can help you later in life get hired by others here's a quick list:

Elementary School Teacher- yes, they don't get paid gobs of money and won't make you rich but teachers are needed in cities all over the world. So, it won't be hard to find a job even if you move around a lot.

Computers have been a HUGE success and of course everything is becoming computer-related so one of your best times spent will be dealing with computers. I mean if you can't figure out how to turn one on or send an email you are going to be out of a job.

Computer Systems Analyst or a Computer software engineer are always needed and you can probably make a bundle of money. Imagine working for Google or some other top company.

Accountants make a bunch of money, especially around tax time and if you really want you don't have to work the rest of the year. Course if you want to there is always someone looking for an accountant, tons of business look every day and are always willing to pay top dollar for one.

Financing degrees such as finance analyst, sales agents, securities, commodities, and even market researchers. These all make roughly $50,0000-80,000 a year.

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A General Ed requirement is a good place to start.