Monday, January 12, 2009

Teen Prostitution Ring in California

There's a growing trend that are frightening many parents, not just because it deals with teens but because it is something that could be happening right next door and we have no clue. What is it?

Well just last week in San Bernadino, California prosecutors had 91 cases of prostitution. But it wasn't of those over 21, instead it was many under. Yes, teens, pre-teens and younger. Many of which are being sold over the net and meet at truck stops or head up to Canada. According to Canada they might arrest up to 300 or more prostitutes a year, but those that are children are normally looked at as victims and not the criminal.

Hopefully something can happen that'll help these up and coming prostitutes and steer them away before someone gets seriously hurt. It is sad enough that it is happening, worse to see the numbers and know that's only the ones that are being caught.


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