Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cool Site: Automated Man!

Hey ya'll, I just found a really cool site for those of you that actually make money. I know how ya'll feel having to ask mom and dad for some extra things that you want and they may not want to get for you. But if you can spare $40 a month, and that shouldn't be very hard you can get hygiene stuff sent to your home and you'll never have to ask your mom to get it.

I mean if you ask your mom for razors what will she bring home? Probably the cheapest things she can find and that kind of hurts the face. Or ask mom for condoms. Don't bother asking dad he'll say use his.

The AutomatedMan lets you get all this for $39.99

-condoms (trojans)
-shaving cream
-toothpaste and brush
-and much, much more

Oh and if you really want to tell mom you want this, they have a site where she can order it, it's called Automatic Mom. Yeah, she should get a kick out of the name at least.

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