Thursday, April 06, 2006

Madisa eliminated from American Idol

When last nights show first started and Ryan began to divide the remaining idols up into three groups, I was a little disappointed to see Bucky go into the group with Ace and Katharine - I thought for sure it was going to be Ace, Katharine or Taylor that would leave.

As much as I am disappointed in seeing Mandisa go, I was surprised that she was able to last as long as she did - given that America is such an appearance driven society.  Mandisa is beautiful - but she's not American Idol material.

I think she was able to last as long as she did because of the Simon comments and American feeling sorry for her.  To be honest!

I was FLOORED when they announced that Paris was in the bottom three.  She was the one I felt kept her group of three afloat.

The fact that Paris was in the bottom three makes me wonder if America isn't voting with sympathy votes.

As an example - Tuesday night my kids and I voted for Bucky!  Though Kellie and Chris are our personal favorites, we do like Bucky too.  But what would happen if everyone thought like us and voted for the person they were trying to "save" and wound up not saving the one they thought was surely safe?  Know what I mean?

Anyway, it's still fun trying to guess who's going to be next, though at this point, the only one I really care to see go is Katharine.  Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe it's the spoiled little rich kid impression she gives off - I don't know.  But she just seems to overdo it with every performance.

Next week will be interesting - how difficult it's going to be for the remaining 8 to pull of performances by Queen?  Wow - that's going to be tough!

Until then - Cheers!

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