Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Avril Lavigne Want's to Get Married

Avril Lavigne wants to get hitched this summer, but her family is reportedly asking her to wait a little longer.  The 21-year-old “Complicated” singer wants to marry Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley in Beverly Hills on Aug. 26, according to Star magazine. “Avril’s family and advisers have been telling her to hold off, a source tells the tab. “They caution her about young marriage with two words: Britney Spears! That really gets Avril’s motor running!” 

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Blogger Girl said...

This story/rumour may be true, and I'm sure her parents want to make sure she has a happy marriage.

But there is a big difference between Avril marrying Deryck and Britney marrying Kevin...

Kevin was with another woman when he met Britney and that woman (a TV star) was pregnant with his baby when he left her! That is a bad sign!

But Avril and Deryck were friends before they ever got together (which is a good way to start a marriage) and have known each other for a few years already.

Plus Avril was raised with a religion in her life - and started out singing gospel songs (iirc) - with fairly strict parents. And I thin k she has proven she is very smart too because she is taking her time getting into the acting and fashion scene, instead of trying to get a starring role in her own movie (which I'm sure could get, just like they offer many stars).

But she is taking small roles in independant movies and doing voice work as a minor character in the animated "Over the Hedge" movie... that is the smart way to do it, I think.

Just my opiniuons. :)

-Courtney Hart

Teen Zone News said...

To be honest, I think Avril is one of the best young role models going. I think more teens would be wise to pay close attention to her. She's always been herself and never let anyone push her into an image that she wasn't comfortable with just for the sake of selling a few more albums.

Regardless of whether Avril marries now or later, I'm trusting she has a good head on her shoulders to make the wisest decision.