Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dialidol had Daughtry's Number

The website, which predicts likely singer eliminations based on telephone-vote busy signals, last week ranked the rocker last of the four finalists.

"It's pretty wild," says creator Jim Hellriegel, an Idol fan who was rooting for Daughtry. "I was even struggling to believe Dialidol's predictions."

Starting with Idol's 24 semifinalists, has correctly placed 18 of 21 eliminated contestants in last place in the week they were dropped. Because of statistical margins of error, that low-ranking spot often is a tie between several singers. Daughtry and last week's third-place finisher, Katherine McPhee, finished in a statistical tie, but Daughtry's number was slightly lower. via USA Today


Does the fact that the popular singers getting more calls, resulting in more busy signals have the true bearing on the outcome?  It's sure looking that way.

Either way, I'm going to place my money on Elliott heading home tonight.


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