Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hannah Montana

From Achy Breaky Heart to working along side his Trail Blazin' Teen - Billy Ray Cyrus didn't stay hidden too long.

Here's a little role reversal: Every day is Take Your Dad to Work Day for Miley Cyrus.

The 13-year-old is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, who also plays her father on "Hannah Montana," her new smash-hit series on the Disney Channel.

"Hannah Montana," in which Miley's character leads a double life as a rock star in disguise, had the channel's most-watched series debut when it made its premiere in late March. More than 5.4 million viewers tuned in — an enormous Nielsen number for a show on a children's channel.

"It's a pretty great feeling," Miley says during a recent phone interview from Los Angeles.

The day after the premiere, "They came in the room and said, "We have good news and bad news,' " she recalled. " "The good news is the ratings. The bad news is your life is about to totally change.' "

It already has.

"Now when I go out, I start getting recognized," she says. "It can be rough because I'll be riding my bike and people come walking by and taking my picture and stuff. But I've worked so hard, and now it's finally here, so I'm enjoying it." More >>>

Hannah Montana is an entertaining show with a lot of potential. One of our favorite picks, that's for sure!

We wish Miley and Billy all the best in their new career path and look forward to seeing much more of Hannah Montana.

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