Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jessica Alba on "Idol"

Jessica Alba tuned in to the Idol finale ~

"Katharine is gorgeous and has a great range. She looks like an 'American Idol.' My parents like Taylor. There's a lot of popular musicians or singers that couldn't do a quarter of what those singers do on 'American Idol.' ... I'll make dinner and have my parents and some friends over and we'll watch the show. If my family had a favorite 'American Idol,' Katharine definitely is the most appropriate. I think she can sell records and she has a beautiful voice, beautiful range, and she's a beautiful girl."

Did you?

The thing I found the most entertaining was the fact that Tori Spelling was sent back to her seat when trying to get an autograph of Kevin for her stepson.

I'm sure Kevin never dreamed he'd be in such a position.

How cool is that?


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