Saturday, May 27, 2006

Prince Harry starts army troop leader training

The 21-year-old, third in line to the British throne, Prince Harry - is currently being trained to become a troop commander.  Once completed Harry will bea qualified troop leader in charge of 11 soldiers and four light tanks - possibly placing him in a position to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan within the year.

This could pose problems where Harry's protection is concerned and even that of fellow soldiers serving with him should the prince become a target.

The Royal Armoured Corps is expected to be sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus and Kosovo.

His new regime is very different to Sandhurst, where his free time was limited.

There are no curfews at Bovington, and the work is focused on self-discipline, with the evenings largely spent at leisure.

That may mean he is able to spend more time with his girlfriend, the Zimbabwe-born Chelsy Davy.


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