Friday, May 19, 2006

Marissa Cooper, played by Mischa Barton, leave The O.C.

It's official - Micha Barton has left the series!

Guess she's got better things to do - like keeping her relationship with Bigfoot umm I mean Cisco going.

Methinks Micha's brain is FRIED!


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Anonymous said...

Marissa please stay on the OC. you have done so well throughout the years and if you stayed you would be the most well- known person ever. But if you left everybody would consider you as a quitter and i a sure you do not want to be a quitter. I think you should go back to the OC and then when you go back they should say that you went into a coma and now you are alive and better than ever. and you should go to college with Ryan and live a happy life. you and ryan are meant for eachother. Please go back fro yourself and for your fans. you should look at the boards on your website and you should see how many people want you back on the show. So many people believ that this is just a trick and that you are alive. so u should show them that they were right and you are going to stay until the end. PLease do this! the show will be terrible without you and the show will loose all of its viewers. All of the people are watching the very first episode of season four just to see if you really died or if you are just in a coma and u are going to come back to life. Please do this. pretty please. If you don't do this you will be making a very bad choice. Just go to your website and look at the boards and you will see how many people are disapointed in you leaving and you will see how many people want you back. Please trust me. and please do thi. go back on the show. Please!