Tuesday, September 12, 2006


PARIS Hilton is not wanted at Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel. Friday night, after partying at Marquee and drinking "lots" of vodka and pineapple juice, Hilton tried to join Orlando Bloom, Winona Ryder and Josh Lucas in the hotel's Rose Bar, but bouncer Damien stopped her due to Schrager's decree that "the likes of Paris Hilton and her ilk are not welcome here." Hilton had further bad luck Sunday when she crashed the party at Milla Jovovich's townhouse - after the bash was over.

Let's keep the trend going, shall we?  Miss Thang needs to take her trampy self back to the hotel running biz.  She's growing rather boring.  It's always the same story, over and over! 



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