Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Should Kari Ann Peniche give back the $10,000 blingrings?

Pop star Aaron Carter wants his ex-fiancee Kari Ann Peniche to give back $10,000 earrings he bought her during their nine-day engagement.

The singer, 18, asked former Miss Teen USA and Playboy model Peniche, 22, to marry him on stage at the Playboy Hollywood Comedy Tour in Las Vegas, Nev., on September 19.

However, on September 25, Carter realized he was too young to marry and ended both their relationship and engagement.

Carter tells Page Six, “It was just a big mess. She was pretty upset, but I just realized I made a mistake.

“I bought her earrings for $10,000. And I need to get ‘em, back. I need to get ‘em back!”

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