Monday, June 11, 2007

Eliza's Introduction....

Hey everyone in the Teen Zone, how was your weekend? I bet ya'll are having a smashing time right before school is out. Am I right? I remember the days before summer "officially" began, we'd all hang out at someone's house counting down those last few days before school was out. Pool parties, end of the year parties, you name it, but it was a blast. Right?

As ya'll know from Gayla's post, I'm Eliza. I'm a mother to four children and love to chat about teen gossip, and everything else related to teens. My son isn't quite a teen YET, but he shares plenty of his knowledge with me. If I don't know something "teen" related he lets me know.

At this point, please come forward and introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know who the readers are. Are you a parent? A parent with a teen? More than one teen? Are you a teen? Can't wait to get this going....stick around I have a few more updates for today.

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Gayla McCord said...

Yeah, your first official post. Congrats :)