Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vote for Teen Choice Awards (Movies)

Teens get their say in the "2007 Teen Choice Awards." You must be between the ages of 13-19 in order to vote. Here is the link to the actual voting area. But for fun I've created my own poll for the movies (more to come).

Choice Movie: Action Adventure
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End
Spider-Man 3

Choice Movie: Drama
Step Up
Stomp the Yard
The Departed
The Guardian
The Pursuit of Happyness

Choice Movie: Chick Flick
Georgia Rule
License to Wed
Music and Lyrics
The Holiday
The Last Kiss

Choice Movie: Comedy
Blades of Glory
Evan Almighty
Knocked up
Night at the Museum
Ocean’s Thirteen

Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller
The Number 23
Hostel: Part II

I will be adding more polls throughout the week. Don't forget to vote! Does anyone know who's hosting it this year? I know in 2006 it was Jessica Simpson and 2005 was Hilary Duff.

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